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Why Remote

In April of 2020 the company unanimously agreed to move to a Remote First paradigm. Although the switch came directly as a result of the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, we believe enshrining a set of values and work practices is an exercise that will make us stronger in the long term. We continue to believe this is the right path based on the benefits listed here.

Employee Benefits

  1. You have more flexibility in your daily life (for kids, parents, friends, pets, groceries, sports, deliveries, etc.).
  2. No commute! :car:
  3. You have the freedom to relocate, be location independent or even travel with other remote professionals.
  4. You can choose your working hours based on when you’re most productive.

Company Benefits

  1. We’re able to hire great people no matter where they live.
  2. Increased savings on office costs and compensation (due to hiring in lower-cost regions).
  3. Being all-remote naturally attracts self-motivated people.
  4. There are fewer meetings and more focus on results and output of great work.
  5. We don’t have to pay to relocate someone to join our team.
  6. Greater flexibility can mean greater diversity in our organization.