Last updated February 06, 2024.

The Parallel Markets Handbook

Everything you need to know about making a career at Parallel Markets

This Handbook first came into existence in April of 2020, as the Parallel team unanimously agreed to move to a Remote First paradigm. Although the switch came directly as a result of the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, we believe enshrining a set of values and work practices is an exercise that will make us stronger in the long term.

Here is where we will try to share some of the things worth knowing about Parallel, including our culture, our process and our history. This Handbook also offers us an opportunity to clarify very important questions about our company. Who are we? What do we stand for? How should we work? Codifying those beliefs into this Handbook makes our values and processes tangible, clear and, most importantly, editable. Making the company our best product is a guiding principle, but we cannot easily improve what we have not articulated. So whatever version of this handbook you’re reading, you can be sure it is not the last. This Handbook is not only public, it’s set up so that anyone can submit an update. Our goal is to have a real-world description of how we get work done, not just ideal-case prescriptions that do not mirror reality.

If you are reading this shortly after joining Parallel, please take advantage of that glorious, shiny period of permissible ignorance due to being new and question things. It is on you, dear Reader, to ensure our company grows and evolves in ways that improve our relationships, experiences and interactions with the world. The source for this handbook is on GitHub. If you want to reccomend a change or view the complete changelog, head on over - all suggestions are welcome.

How to Read This Handbook

Throughout the Handbook, we refer to Parallel Markets, Inc. as “Parallel” or the “Company.” Since this Handbook is public, it should be obvious that simply reading pixels does not constitute an employment contract, obligation or other contractual commitment of Parallel to any individual, group of employees or entity. We are constantly updating the materials in this Handbook, so you should know that the current version represents our policies and procedures as they currently stand (and any new versions of this Handbook replace all older versions). Be aware that we may change or modify policies, procedures and benefits at any time. We will do our best to let you know if there are any important updates you need to be aware of, but responsibility ultimately rests with you to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest (and you can always see the history of changes at any time). Parallel reserves the right to interpret and administer the provisions of this Handbook as needed.

For detailed information about employee benefits, you should refer specifically to plan documentation, which is controlling. The policies and procedures in this Handbook are guidelines only. Not all benefits included in this Handbook are provided to part-time and temporary employees. Except for the policy of at-will employment, which can only be changed in writing, Parallel has the maximum discretion permitted by law to change, modify or delete any provision in this Handbook at any time, with or without notice. Finally, please note that oral statements or representations cannot supplement, change or modify the provisions in this Handbook.

The policies described in this Handbook are not applicable in every case and may not be complete in every detail. For detailed information about policies, procedures and benefits described herein, please contact the People Ops Team.

Each employee should read and become familiar with the information contained in this Handbook. Failure to comply with Parallel’s policies or procedures may result in discipline, up to and including termination.