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How We Hire

Our goal is not only to find the right fit for our teams, but to ensure we treat every candidate with enough generosity and respect that they want to work with us. Even if they may not be the right hire for the moment, we want each prospective candidate to remain interested and apply in the future for any additional role that might be a good fit. We want to build positive relationships, understanding that every candidate is a potential fit in the long-term. Being a remote first company means we highly value personal relationships, probably even more so than a typical in-person work environment. For that reason, you will have a chance to talk and virtually interact with all of the people you would directly be working with during the interview process.

What We Look For

We look for people who place a high degree of value on autonomy, flexibility, empathy, gumption and curiosity. We look for candidates who share our values.

Our Process

Generally speaking, each team will go through its own initial process for vetting applicants. Once candidates get through interviews with the hiring team, the last step is a series of separate interviews with each of the founders. Prior to an offer, all candidates are required to provide three professional references.